Welcome to Your Own Fair Isle Knitting (YOFIK)

Fair Isle knitting design has entered the computer age! Welcome to Your Own Fair Isle Knitting (YOFIK), the internet’s first and only dedicated Fair Isle charting program. Using basic computer mouse “drag and drop” techniques, YOFIKTM allows you to design Patterns, build Blocks, and then color your Fair Isle knitting design. You will have the luxury of experimenting during each step of the design process before you print out your final pattern. The art of Fair Isle knitting has been around for decades but design techniques haven’t advanced much in that time.


Are you tired of designing on graph paper or coloring one cell at a time in a spreadsheet? Do you hate perfecting a design, only to discover it has 3 or more colors in a single row, making it impossible to knit without excessive floats? Do you want to try out different Patterns and Color combinations without having to start over on new sheets of paper?


If so, this easy to ­use, on­line program is for you! YOFIK subscribers have access to all these custom design tools, our training programs, and our Library containing more than 1000 traditional and modern Patterns that can be used as is or copied and then edited. Best of all YOFIK is totally free to the user. You will have your own design space, that you can share Patterns and Blocks with the YOFIK community if you choose, or not. Let your creativity flow. YOFIK removes the frustrations and limitations of the old methods of Fair Isle knitting charts, making this traditional craft more fun than ever!

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